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Industrial properties house very valuable tools, equipment, and materials that can be at risk of being vandalized or stolen. Anyone who stores inventory or assets outside knows security is a critical concern since fences, gates, and lights can only do so much.

Live Video Monitoring: Stealth is leading the evolution of remote video monitoring solutions for industrial applications. Our team of system design experts will work directly with you to create and deploy fully optimized security and surveillance systems, including perimeter protection and fortification of access points that protect your assets from theft, vandalism and trespassers. Unlike traditional alarm companies, Stealth’s video monitoring staff are watching events in real time, allowing operators to scare off criminals using voice-down audio deterrents or report live crimes in progress to the police. Our proactive solutions are typically 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security guards and helps prevent injury and avoid additional costs, critical in extreme working environments such as steel mills and chemical plants.

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