License Plate Recognition


Identify the Vehicle Even if You Can't See the Driver

Even when you can’t identify the driver of a car, you can still identify the vehicle with license plate recognition (LPR). LPR uses special optical software that allows you to clearly capture characters on license plates to track traffic and control entry in and out of your property, day or night.

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Stealth’s License Plate Recognition Camera is designed to capture the license plates of moving vehicles traveling up to 25 miles (40km) per hour, with an accuracy level of 96%. Our LPR camera is perfect for the driveways and entranceways of any facility. With built-in IR and low light performance down to 0.002 lux, the camera can capture license plates in even the darkest environments.
The system is ideal for parking and security enforcement at apartment buildings, retail centers, office complexes, construction sites, auto dealerships and many other commercial properties. It can also enhance your customers’ experience with dateless entry options.

* Note: License plate data is stored by Stealth and can be provided upon customer request.

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