Long-Range Surveillance


See Clear Video From Hundreds of Feet Away

Do you have a high-rise office building and want to zoom in on a car in the parking lot? Perhaps you need to monitor your construction site but can’t mount a camera nearby. 

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When it comes to perimeter security and monitoring large outdoor areas, long-range cameras offer many advantages. With the ability to reach far distances – up to 250 feet away – they can zoom in to capture clear, detailed images, including license plates and faces. 

These cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance as they will work in extreme temperatures, from as low as 22°F to as high as 140°F (-30°C to 60°C) and feature excellent night-vision capabilities.
Sometimes there is a need to watch objects that are far away, but there’s no way to mount a camera that close. Stealth’s long-range camera solutions offer additional coverage beyond that of standard cameras.

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