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Stealth Monitoring backs its powerful live monitoring and top-quality IP cameras and network with a multi-level Total Service offering.

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Stealth Monitoring doesn’t just monitor your property, we also monitor your entire surveillance data network, including cameras and NVRs. We can take immediate action when we see a property threat or detect a network problem.

We offer three Total Service level platforms:

Customer Service: Built to serve clients whether they’re a single property business or an enterprise with hundreds of locations and thousands of cameras. Stealth’s proprietary camera statistics software constantly checks cameras and equipment to ensure they’re working and operating correctly. It can detect problems related to power, internet, wireless, and camera outages. Both property incidents and technical issues are logged to a client database for resolution, tracking, and analysis.

Control Center Support: Trained operators watch cameras and evaluate activity. They can identify when systems are down and perform basic troubleshooting 24/7. When they see suspicious activity, they consult specific property protocols to take action. They can send audio warnings to on-site speakers and call police dispatch. Control center staff can notify the property owner and manager when there is a property incident or a technical problem.

Advanced Customer Support: Stealth Monitoring analysts conduct video research, study significant video analytic data and respond to customer investigation requests. Our technical support team is on-call 24 hours a day to respond to customer emergencies.

Stealth Monitoring Total Service is a part of our complete security solution for superior property protection and cost savings. It’s delivered remotely through the Internet, long before a service truck could arrive on your property. The result is higher camera availability, faster support, and fewer expensive on-site service calls.

Security on the Go

Put the power of security in the palm of your hands with Stealth’s mobile app. View camera statuses and monitoring stats, access video feeds, communicate with support personnel and much more from any Internet-enabled device.

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