Professional Security to Protect and Enhance Your Business Growth

Red Hawk is a privately run security firm dedicated to ensuring your business is operating smoothly. We use active security measures that give you the freedom to step away for that much-needed break or vacation without having to worry about your business growth.

Your Business's Safety and Growth Are Our Priority

Red Hawk is a privately operated security company committed to guaranteeing the seamless operation of your business.
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Elevating Surveillance with Key Performance Indicators(KPI)

We take immense pride in our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) integrations within surveillance. These integrations empower business proprietors and managers to assess their business's performance without the need to be physically present on-site every day.
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Effortless Performance Metrics Tracking

Everything we do, from our actions and performance to our strategies, is meticulously crafted to be easily measurable.
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Professional security services you can trust

The professional security, admin, and support staff at Red Hawk combine state-of-the-art security with industry experience that meets the unique needs of our clients. We have the equipment, team, expertise, and instincts needed to make any location and event 100% secure so you can focus on other details. 

What We Do

We are a team of dedicated security professionals that use our years of experience to actively watch and improve your business growth by industry KPIs and agreed-upon benchmarks. What sets Red Hawk apart from the rest? We do more than respond to an alarm. We are engaged 24/7 in keeping your assets protected so you can focus on improving and growing your business development.


Why Love People?

Best Professional

We are a preventative, professional team of experts dedicated to ensuring the safety and success of your business.

Red Hawk Difference

We provide tailor-made services like managing employee access to specific areas and generating reports.

24/7 Hours Services

We are not the typical security firm focused on only emergency responses.



Ready to get started?

Schedule a consult with our expert support team today to learn more about how Red Hawk can protect your business while delivering quality reports and maintaining your agreed-upon KPIs.

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