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Operating a liquor-selling facility presents a variety of challenges that must be carefully managed to ensure smooth operations, compliance, and safety. Preventing underage drinking requires rigorous ID verification techniques and the use of electronic ID scanners to detect fake IDs. Managing intoxicated customers is another challenge, necessitating training for staff to recognize signs of over-serving and implementing clear policies for refusing service. Theft and loss prevention are critical, given the high value of inventory; effective measures include using CCTV systems, security tags, and regular inventory audits, alongside monitoring employee behavior. Handling aggressive or violent behavior from intoxicated patrons requires the presence of security personnel and staff trained in conflict resolution. Efficient inventory management is vital to prevent spoilage and damage, supported by robust systems that track stock levels and sales patterns. Legal liabilities, such as lawsuits from selling to minors or incidents involving intoxicated patrons, necessitate comprehensive liability insurance and meticulous record-keeping. Addressing these issues proactively can enhance the facility’s operations, compliance, and safety for both customers and employees.

Bring Red Hawk in canvas

Red Hawk can play a critical role in addressing the issues and challenges by providing advanced security solutions, expertise, and support. Here’s how we can help:

Security System

Enhanced Security Measures

Provide 24/7 real-time human eye monitoring services, enabling immediate response to suspicious activities, potential theft, or incidents involving intoxicated or aggressive customers.

Rescue Planing

Comprehensive Training and Support

Offer training sessions for staff on how to operate surveillance equipment, recognize suspicious behavior, and handle potential security breaches. This training ensures that staff are well-prepared to use the technology effectively


Incident Documentation and Analysis

Use surveillance footage to document incidents comprehensively, which can be crucial for legal compliance, resolving disputes, and providing evidence in case of lawsuits.

Security System

Loss Prevention

Employ surveillance technology to monitor inventory areas and prevent internal and external theft. This includes the use of security tags and alarm systems that alert staff to potential theft in real-time.

Rescue Planing

Compliance and Risk Management

Documenting all activities and maintaining comprehensive records, we can help mitigate liability risks associated with over-serving customers or incidents occurring on the premises.

Experts Security

Our KPI's

Customer and Staff Safety

By leveraging the expertise and technology provided by Red Hawk, a liquor-selling facility can significantly enhance its security measures and create a safer environment for both customers & employees. This proactive approach helps address and mitigate many of the common challenges faced in the industry.

Our remote monitoring enables property owners or security teams to view live or recorded footage from anywhere using internet-connected devices. This enhances convenience and provides peace of mind. This aids in making informed decisions regarding security measures and resource allocation. Red Hawk plays a crucial role in securing empty lots by providing a cost-effective, continuous, and comprehensive surveillance solution that deters criminal activities, facilitates evidence collection, and supports effective decision-making

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